The Glasgow Research Cafe

On the 8th of October 2016, AMRA went to Glasgow to hold a joint Research Cafe and Junior Scientist event. The event required an early start on the part of the AMRA committee, with a flight from Stansted leaving at a painful 8.40am. However, the effort was certainly worth it!

On the Cafe side of things, Dr Ata Khalid (a research fellow at the University of Glasgow) created an engaging narrative linking the transistor, the internet of things, and morality. This was followed by discussions which evolved organically from this inspiring talk ranging from artificial intelligence to the definition of consciousness. After this, due to the efforts of the region, a broad range of professionals including accountants, scientists, and engineers described their career paths. The Khuddam left the event enriched with the knowledge that a career is anything one wants it to be, and there is no wrong approach.

In parallel with the Café, the outreach team conducted a well-received and well-attended Junior Scientist event. The activities included bridge building and looking at organic cells through microscopes.

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