RESEARCH CAFE – Paul and the Pharisee Conspiracy Against Jesus



AMRA invites you to the second of our research cafe series for 2018. Syed M. S. Nasser will tell us more about his newly published book for which he pursued many years of intensive research.


This talk explores the author’s radical thesis that St. Paul – whose writings form the basis of all fundamental Christian doctrines – was a Pharisee agent, working secretly to pervert Jesus’ true teachings. His goal? To substantiate the false allegation that Jesus and his followers were apostates from Judaism.

This talk will give an overview of how Paul’s supporters nurtured the Pharisee conspiracy for generations, building the foundation of the Church and Christianity. By analysing historical events in the New Testament, this talk will seek to answer the fundamental question at the heart of Christianity’s origins: was Paul Jesus’ apostle, or his prophesied enemy – the Antichrist?

Following the presentation, there will be a discussion with the author of the book.

About the speaker

Syed Nasser is a retired barrister by profession. He resides in London, UK and has a wife and three sons.

His background as a contract lawyer in construction has furnished him with the necessary skills to examine and analyse the various books of the Old and New Testament, enabling him to carry out detailed and systematic investigation of complex and sensitive historical events.

Cafe Programme:

14:00 – Tilawat

14:05 – Introduction to AMRA and its events

14:10 – Research Cafe: Paul & the Pharisee Conspiracy Against Jesus (Syed Nasser)

15:00 – Questions and Discussion

Join us for what promises to be a highly stimulating and elucidating talk. Places are limited, sign up via the green button. Attendees are requested to bring their online ticket with them to the event.

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