Short Riddles to get you thinking

The riddles here are there to get you thinking, exercises such as riddles have been shown to be really beneficial to help your mind kick start before starting to learn. The riddles have been designed to get more difficult as you go through. This page will be updated every 3 weeks so please come back and try our new challenges.

1. What can be soft enough to caress your skin, heavy enough to crush your body, and light enough to float on air?


2. What kind of fish can you see best at Night?


3. I am somewhere, where if i stand up straight, i might be considered sideways ?


4. What is worse than the Devil,poor people have it, rich people want it?


5. How many months have 28 says?


6. A farmer wanted to sell watermelons in the city. To reach the city, he had to cross a river. So, he embarked on the journey while it was raining. On the way, he felt hungry and thus ate one of the watermelons. Further on a certain distance, he came across a Shark. In order to save himself, he hit the shark with the watermelon.

At this point of time, can you find out if there is any change in the water level?


7. You are served a hot cup of coffee and room-temperature cream at a restaurant. You want to wait a few minutes before you drink the coffee, and you want it to be as hot as possible when you drink it. Should you pour the cream in the coffee:

a) Immediately
b) Just before you drink it
c) It doesn’t matter


We hope you enjoyed the riddles and we hope to update you with more in the recent future.  If you have any feedback please email us.

All Answers can be found on the AMRA Creative Corner Answer page: