Messenger by Muddassar Rashid

An introduction from the author, Muddassar Rashid (Researcher and poet)

The purpose of this poem was to explore the nature of light – specifically its role in the universe – in relation to other constituents of nature. The Holy Qur’an declares that all things have a purpose as Allah is All-Wise and All-Knowing. Thus He does not create anything in vain. The poem explores this theme of purpose in relation to light.



Oh seeker of knowledge

Do you Seek the thread of reality?

What tool will you use?

How will you investigate its non-triviality?


Do you know who I am?

I am that aid you have sought

Illuminating your world is my purpose

Though, ever free I be from your comprehension


I am intangible, I am unimaginable

I be a metaphor for some, and a serene reality for all

My true nature you knoweth not

My true beauty still alludes your thought


I am that ray which penetrates all worlds

However fine or grand, they are all same to me

I might change my behaviour at plancks length

But you’ll have to create a pico-yocto second laser, to know where things end


I am within you and around you

I can be born in the hearts of pulsating stars

Diffusing my way to the surface at last

My start and my emergence some million years apart


I am the currency through which you may conserve energy

With the excited electron, hoping to the valence band

I can represent a stars symphonic order, or the illuminating architecture

Even audio ballarinas may find an artistic illustration


I can take many forms, in varying colors and speeds

From a Guassian profile, to the novel Bessel beams

I can control the invading virus, or illuminate a trapped nano-fibre

With the right polarisation I can even shade your vision from harm


In blue I be cool, unabsorbed by the oceans lure

As red I bring news of departing friends you never knew

Infra-red is a peculiar existence, you’ll surely find me brightly warm

I prefer to be gamma-ray bursts, proof of hypernova’s occurrence


Every iota of my being, carries some message from entities I meet

From simple Faraday rotations to the quantum de-coherence states

In every formation, in every alteration,

Even in my polarisation, I be full of information


My curved trajectory was proof of Einstein’s theory

That even I could not escape gravity’s charm

Hawking thought me black hole evaporations

But I may turn out to be the same old radiation


So like the romantics of the past

With eloquent metaphors and my personification

On me, You may write a poem from your heart

For I am light, the messenger of our physical realisation