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1. Water in its three different states.


2. Starfish!


3. On the Equator


4. Nothing


5. All of the months have 28days.


6. When he is rowing the boat in the river, the boat is floating with watermelons in it and, therefore, all the watermelons have already displaced the water equal to their volume. Hence, there won’t be any change in the water level, whether the farmer eats it or throws them away.


7. Immediately

“Temperature difference” is the driving force for the heat transfer.
Since the coffee is initially very hot and hence it will be cool down at a very fast rate.
If we add cream immediately : The temperature will initially go down for sure but then will cool down at the slower rate as coffees mixed with cream is cooler than coffee alone and therefore heat cool down rate is less. Also, the cream will increase the mass of the content in the cup and hence larger mass will take more time to cool down.
Hence cream should be added immediately



1/2=You need to practice 3=Unlucky 4=Not quite there yet 5=Riddle master 6=The Riddler himself

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