About Journal

Ahmadiyya Muslim Research Association (AMRA) journal is a semi-annual scientific journal which aims to publish high quality review papers covering broad as well as specific topics of various scientific disciplines. The mandate of the journal is to stimulate a multi-disciplinary approach to enable facile exchange of information between researchers working on different themes. The call for the next edition is open and the deadline is 31st December 2017.

We recommend that all interested authors approach the editors on research@khuddam.co.uk to discuss their article informally. Final submission or enquiries relating to the 2nd edition of AMRA Journal should be done directly to research@khuddam.co.uk  with the subject title as: journal.02.2017.[authorsurname]. For example: journal.02.2017.SalamAdams

Instructions for authors

What is a review article?

  • Constructive and critical analysis of previously published literature.
  • Proposition of novel ideas to suggest how inconsistencies in data can be overcome in future e.g. refinement of experiment / computational programs.
  • More precisely, function of review article is to summarize, organize and evaluate scientific literature to elucidate research gaps and recommend new research areas.

Who is my target audience?

  • Scientists working in varying research fields
  • Students (A-level, degree students) or novice researchers
  • Clinicians
  • Interested non-scientists

 Instructions for reviewers

  • Ensure the author has followed the guidelines.
  • Thoroughly read the review and check whether its scientifically sound.
  • Constructive criticism is essential for improving the quality of the reviews.
  • Grammar and spelling mistakes should be clearly pointed out.
  • Does the author adequately address the intention of writing the review article and its importance?
  • Is the research question answered and is the layout/message contained in the review clear.
  • Has the existing scientific literature on the topic been reviewed thoroughly and critically appraised?
  • Does the review provide a clear message and follows a structure to address the key areas of the topic?
  • The search strategies are addressed adequately and is the writing clear?
  • Does the review tell an interesting story worth following and circulating?
  • Was reading the review a worthwhile read? Did you enjoy it?  
  • Please report your views on the article to the editors by summarizing your thoughts about the paper?