AMRA Academy Guided Tour of Sunken Cities Exhibition at the British Museum

On Saturday 4th June – Sunday 5th June AMRA Academy organised exclusive guided tours of the Sunken Cities Exhibition at the British Museum for Atfal. The exhibition showcases some of the key discoveries of two lost ancient Egyptian cities that have been submerged under water for over a thousand years.

In total 18 Atfal joined us over two days for what proved to be a thoroughly interesting visit. The tour ended with one of the British Museum’s most famous piece, the Rosetta Stone. The tour was given by Rizwan Safir, full time AMRA member and curator in the Middle East department at the British Museum.

The visit was organised by the AMRA Academy, an outreach programme of AMRA – the Ahmadiyya Muslim Research Association. The programme, targeted at Atfal, aims to provoke curiosity in all subjects, secular as well as religious, and inspire the next generation of spiritual scientists and researchers.