Poster Presentation

Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Research Association

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful


For Annual Conference 2017

 Awards will be given to best posters in each of the following four categories:

  • PhD and above
  • MSc and below

 What is a research poster?

A research poster is a presentation of your research question, work or interest in a large printed format. This enables you to present and explain it to other members.  

Sounds scary!  In reality it is not.

Don’t worry if you have not made a poster before. It is very easy. Please use the template provided – insert information and pictures, and send it back. We will print it out for you.

This will enable you to present your area of work, research question, or anything you are thinking about.

What does a research poster look like:

The template is in the form of a Powerpoint file, follow this  link. The poster is A2 in size with printing costs being taken up by AMRA.  The poster can be taken home by the author at the end of the event.

Where should I send the poster. Is there a deadline?

Please send us your poster by 11th of December 2017.  Please send posters to

Judgement criteria

  • All of the criteria are marked out of 10 by a panel of judges
  • Presentation – how well did you as a presenter describe your research, its impact and its importance?
  • Clarity – independent of your presentation – how clear was your poster? Legibility, use of graphics, layout etc.